Maui Summer 2016 – In July of last year we had a fantastic Hein family trip to the Hawaiian island of Maui. It was my Mother in Law Jill’s 75th birthday last year and she decided that she would like to celebrate by taking us all on a trip to Hawaii, lucky us!! The rest of the family live in Seattle and they’re regular visitors to Maui but it was our first visit. When you live in the UK Hawaii seems very exotic indeed! It didn’t disappoint – we arrived in the middle of a tropical storm which blew through pretty quickly but gave me some great light to shoot in so I was happy! We were only on the island for a week but we packed a lot in, the kids had a fantastic time together and absolutely loved playing in the sea which we could access straight from the apartment. We managed to find some impressive Hawaiian surf nearby for us to boogie board in ( sadly no photos of this as I was preoccupied with making sure that non of the 5 kids were drowning in the surf!) We spent a day driving round the idyllic and unspoilt north of the island, got up at 4am to drive to the top of the spectacular Haleakala volcano to watch the sunrise, we saw hundreds of spinner dolphins, a beach full of sleeping Hawaiian sea turtles and went snorkelling ( yes the sea really is that colour!) If you’re wondering about the bird, it’s a Nene ( Hawaiian goose) which is only found on three of the Hawaiian islands and is an endangered species.  It was a fantastic trip – thank you Jill !!! Unfortunately we’ve now set the bar pretty high for holidays and Francis wants to go to Hawaii with his cousins every year! I hope you enjoy the photos – I love editing my Summer holiday photos in January. I never get a chance to do it until the new year when work is quieter but it provides a very welcome escape from the depths of Winter. Look out for the second instalment of our trip – Washington State !


rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0159Maui 2016Maui 2016rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0162rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0163rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0165rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0166rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0169rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0167rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0170rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0172rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0176rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0177rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0178rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0179rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0180rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0181rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0182rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0183rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0184rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0186 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0187 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0188 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0190 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0192 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0195 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0196 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0197 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0198 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0199 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0201 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0203 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0204 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0268 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0208 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0209 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0214rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0210 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0212 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0215 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0218 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0219rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0220rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0237rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0238rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0239rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0223rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0226rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0229rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0230rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0231rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0232rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0233rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0234rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0235rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0241rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0245 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0248 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0249 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0251 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0254 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0256 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0257 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0240rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0259 rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0266rachel-hein-photography-maui-2016_0260



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