How long will the session last?


Family sessions usually last one to two hours, depending on how everyone’s feeling! Newborn sessions are often longer than this to allow for feed breaks, etc!. Mini sessions, baby and portrait sessions last up to an hour. Sessions for couples last one to two hours, depending on the type of shoot that you book.

When do I have to choose my package?


You don’t need to decide on your package until you’ve received your gallery and had a look at your photos. 

When do I need to pay?


A £100 deposit is payable in advance of your session and the remaining balance will be due once you’ve received your gallery and decided on a package.

How do I choose a location?


We’ll discuss options before the session. I have lots of favourite locations that I know work well at different times of the year. I’m also happy to go with your choice if you have a special place that you would like to go to. An at home session usually works best for babies unless the weather’s really nice !

What happens at a family session?


I like to keep things as relaxed as possible. If we’re out on location we’ll spend some time walking around and chatting while I snap away. I may suggest some poses, especially for family groups but I like to work spontaneously and capture things as candidly as possible. If you’re having a session at home I’ll take the same approach except with less walking and more rearranging of furniture !

What should we wear?


Make sure that you’re comfortable and think about colour, if there’s going to be several people in the photos make sure that colours are complementary. Avoid red if possible as it can really dominate an image. It’s good to keep things as simple as possible, solid colours, spots / stripes or patterns are good but logos or distracting motifs are to be avoided.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can include in the session?


Unless you’ve booked a mini session there is no limit on number of people but please bear in mind that the more people that are included in the shoot the less time there is for everyone, so do think carefully about what you would like to get out of the session.

What happens if I need to reschedule?


If you need to reschedule your session due to illness please just let me know as soon as possible. Don’t worry, I understand that kids will often fall ill or fall over just before a well planned photo shoot! If your child is unwell it will show up in the photos and they are likely to be a wee bit grumpy so I would rather wait until they’re feeling and looking better!



I’ll be keeping a close eye on the forecast so we’ll make a call on the weather as soon as we can and I’ll give you the option of rescheduling, if it’s not looking good.

How many edited images will you upload to my web gallery?


Typically I will upload around 100 edited images from a family session and up to 50 for shorter session but it’s often more than this! 

How long will it be before I can view my photos?


Your web gallery will be ready to view 2- 3 weeks after the session and will be online for a three months.

Will my photos be edited in colour or black & white?


When I edit a shoot I’ll select the images that work well in black & white and convert them during post-production. Some images will work better in colour and some are better in black & white. Sometimes an image will work both ways!

Can you frame my images for me?


Yes ! I have a wide range of wall art and frame options and I offer a framing service which includes a home visit. 

Can you help me with my order?


Yes! If you’re planning to order framed prints or wall art you can make an appointment with me to go through the ordering process with you. I can help you to choose the images and advise on the framing options that will work best in your home.

How long will my order take?


Digital files will be released when full payment has been received and prints take around a week from order to delivery. Framed prints can take up to three weeks and fine art books are usually delivered within four weeks of ordering.

What’s the difference between web and print ready digital files ?


Web files are perfect for uploading, sharing on social media and viewing on screen, they have a resolution of 72ppi ( pixels per inch) which means that if you printed them the image would be very poor quality. Print ready files have a higher resolution of 300ppi, which means that they look sharp and high quality when printed.

Will you use my photos on social media or your website?


Only if you give me permission to do so! I would never, ever use images without permission. Many of my clients love to have their photos shared but equally many people are not comfortable with it so I will always comply with your preferences. When you book a session I’ll send out a booking form for you to complete before we meet.

How do I pay?


Payment is by cash or BACs transfer. Overseas clients can make payments through Paypal, if necessary.

How long have you been a photographer?


Ten years. That’s a lot of sessions!


Relaxed and creative photography for families, couples and brands. Rachel is a friendly, experienced photographer working in Edinburgh and across Scotland.

T: 07973 779223


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